Thursday, July 06, 2006

Explorace Episode 3 : Penang

Hi all!!!

Marzuki and Noreen will go against Alvin and Lesley tomorrow night in Penang!!!

Watch them in action! Tune in to TV3 at 9am tomorrow night and don't miss it!

Taken from Explorace Season 3 Website
The very colourful state of Penang provided many great task points for the second race of Round 1. Siblings Noreen & Marzuki challenged Leslie & Alvin on this race through a journey in which they had no idea what to expect.

The adventure got off to an energetic start after the horn was blown by Sasha at the starting point - Tanjong City Marina, the girls Noreen & Leslie took off on Route 1 and the boys Marzuki & Alvin rushed to conquer the tasks on Route 2.

After finding a passenger for their trishaw, the girls took a trip back in time at their first task point Fort Cornwallis. They experienced first hand what it was like to wear colonial costumes and load a cannon. The two horses which was part of their task gave everyone an unexpected shock…. They suddenly felt the urge to….ummmmm…. mate! An officer at the Fort was approached for help to help them complete their task despite the horses urges! On the way to the fantasy like Butterfly Farm, at Telok Bahang, Leslie proved that just because someone is fit, doesn’t mean they have good directional skills!!!!!!! At the butterfly farm, whatever fears the girls may have had of the insects, leeches and reptiles they had to face was stifled in a bid to out do each other in their tasks. After they retrieved the Golden Key being watched by a green snake, they were off to meet their partners at the meeting point….

The boys, Marzuki and Alvin jumped into their Explorace cars and drove of to their first task point at Pantai Batu Ferringhi. Forty five feet high colourful Chin Gay flags were waiting to be balanced by them! Following the demonstrations of the Chin Gay performers, Marzuki and Alvin balanced these spectacular flags on various parts of their bodies. Marzuki performed this task surprisingly well! After their next task at Kampung Sungai Burong, Balik Pulau I’m sure these boys will appreciate every bowl of rice they eat! Only after harvesting 5 kilos of padi using methods demonstrated by the locals were they allowed to locate the Golden Box…

At the meeting point at Jetty Bukit Tambun, the teams learnt to process and package cockles. This proved to be a very tedious task for both teams. A boat ride to nearby Pulau Aman then exposed them to how the buah sukun is plucked, the traditional way….!

Noreen and Marzuki showed very good sibling strength all the way on this race. But as it has always been seen on Explorace, the unexpected can happen!!! Who makes it to Sasha at the finishing point first?

To find out, don’t miss the Penang Race of Explorace – The Extreme Journey on Season 3, on air Friday, 7th July 2006, 9.00 pm exclusively on TV3.

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