Monday, July 24, 2006

One day in PD

Great Weekend.

Not only i saw the largest group of friends doing the triathlon in both sprint and full distance, one of us actually came up first runner up in the Women Sprint category...on her mountain bike!

On Saturday, OP Azly(Bandit), OP Kam, OP Harry, OP Kamarul, OP Budin and OP Ismadi (Chipang) was at the Admiral Marina for their first ever triathlon race. Nevermind it's a short distance, or we call them SPRINT, they did it in full spirit, eventhough one or two of them were rahter unconvincing in trying to find excuse to escape this race.

chips kamarul harry kam
The OP Sprinters :Ismadi, Kamarul, Harry and Kam

bandit budin chips
Looking good were:Bandit and Budin with Chips partly covered. Visible were Wong Ah Thiam, Our Ironman to Kona last year

I wasn't at the Sprint event as i was only scheduled to leave KL for PD by 10pm that night. Wifey has a girls' night out and because i wanted her to follow me to PD (she missed it last year), i had to accomodate that.

Anyway, well done to all Sprinters! First time Try-ing and came out so well! I heard a few has signed up for Desaru Sprint triathlon as well in September!

The drive to PD was only an hour plus (legal speed). We reached there by 11.30pm and were placed in PD Golf and Country Club, where the owner is actually OP Mat Gan's dad. We got discounted rate for the 2 room apartment of course.

I saw Azmar, Karoline, Ben, Lee, Vicky(Congrats again babe!) and Sarah as me and wifey exited the car.

Zabil came with Aiman, his daughter and his maid. Azah was at home.

Steve were with Azman in their room.

Soon, Terence, Mark and Gary(?) was in anohter room.

Adilah, Ming and Karo will share their apartment.

So, in total, it is indeed the biggest turn up. If my maths are correct, there were: 26 of us, at least! That came for this PD tri!!! record turn up!
The night was spent drinking coffee with Amir, Bean and Karoline.

Everyone was in bed by 12.30am.

The morning started at 6am when we woke up and get ready for the race. By 7am, everyone was already at the Admiral Marina getting ready to be marked by Mr Chan's merry men and women.

me and karo morning
She did the sprint On Saturday and borrowed her bike to anohter racer on Sunday because the racer's bike had technical problem, so sweet!

bean morning
Bean - vowing to freestyle all the way, no matter what.

we then went to have our body marked. I'm cow number 173 today. I saw Terence the Penguin in high spirit as well. Well done bro!

me to swim
Contestant No. 173

By 8.00AM, the air horn were blasted and all the triatheltes and TRY-atheletes in white swim cap were flagged off. I swam the first 100m in freestyle and i don't think i'll last anohter 50meters in it and i switched back to my usual boring breaststroke. I was swimming as fast as the men next to me in freestyle. Bonus is, i get to see where i'm going as opposed to going zig-zag and wasting energy and time.

5 minutes later, the horn for the female in red swim cap could be heard and i know, it's a matter of time before the girls come all over me/us.

Just right after the first U-Turn, true enough, the stronger girl swimmer were already swimming alongside me. Well, to say alongside wasn't really accurate as they swam like they had a motor fixed to their legs...yeah, i was left drinking their bubbles.

I was swimming near steve all the while, i could see him as i swam into him at one point while he was looking for his bearing.

The final 200meters was sweet as i overtook a few tired freestyler and emerged from the water in 30mins 40seconds (the marshalls were shouting the numbers).

I ran to transition. Saw Bacin and pipot's gang cheering us on.

steve after swim
No, those aren't bird's poo, it was steve's strange coloured sun block

Steve gotten out of the water minute before me and Zabil was about 2 minutes ahead. I took my sweet time at the transtition as usual, ensuring i do not missed out on anything. I was even contemplating on which top to wear! Well, i ended up wearing the cyclign jersey i bought in Bali. Such narcicism....

me after swim
for the first time, i came out of the water before the two bike owner on my left and right..usually they are all long gone, in any races! ps - i smoked the guy in cervelo behind in both cycling and swimming ;-)

The biking was nothing new to me as i've did this route last year and last 2 weeks during the try-out. This time, i was hoping i won't get any puntures like i did in the try-out. Faie won't be around to accompany me this time. hahahaha.

I was cycling with Steve the first 8km and then he went missing. Well, not really missing, but he cycled so fast he disappeared. I was later overtaken by Azman in his Giant OCR. The ride was enjoyable as i felt strong this time around on the bike.

At the 20km point, i saw Amir right behind me. I stopped at the water station and waited for him.

There was also where i saw Soon.

Then i saw Azmar, Bean and Ming, then i saw Bacin.

The return journey to the Admiral marina was a fast one. I was drifting behind a roadie and i was blazing the trail at no less than 35km/h. Once touching 54km/h on a slight decline. All thanks to the roadie infront that broke the wind resistance.

I know i did well on the cycling when i clocked in at the transition in 1:20.

Then came the dreaded 10km run.

I've not ran for months. No thanks to the mind telling the body that i need to lift more weights and not so much cardio. I've gained close to 8kg over the 3 months period.

me run
run run run...i was actually posing for this pic, but why la i looked constipated?

amir and mark
Mark and Amir was close behind

My first 5 km run was actually ok. I must had done it in the usual 30minutes. But after the 5th KM, my inner thigh muscle near my knee started to seize. No so much of cramps but the muscle tighten and it was painful and uncomfy to run. I resorted to slow jog by then.

That was when Amir blazed past me. His months of training helped. I on the other hand, had to push even more to complete this, whether i like it or not.

Soon was already long gone, he came in same time as me on the bike and he ran off like a dog was chasing him.

And so, my final 3km run, i saw Bean, Azmar, Ming and Adilah. Wished them goodluck like how Azam, Zabil and Steve did for me when they were on their final 4km to finish line.

I also know i will not be able to match my time last year. I did a 2:46 last year and i know, this time around, it will be a good 3 hours at least.

last year's result

Anyhow, not one to give up, i pushed and ran my final KM. With Karoline on the side walk cheering me on and with the finishing line in sight...i crossed it...definately happy with what i managed to do with the minimal training i went through.

zabil finishing
Zabil came in first

steve finishing
Followed by Steve

Then it was Azman.

soon finished
Followed by Soon

Then Amir, and finally...

me finishing
Me, which was just glad it was over

and then it was Azmar, Bean, Ming and Adilah.

Apology for not having the complete pics at the finishing line. Wifey pregnant, not in really fit condition to stand there too long.

Then it was the compulsory cam whoring session with the gang.

azman me soon dilah
With Soon, Dilah and Azman

LnE group pics
With LnE gang

The posers

And this is for kelvin..since he kept asking me to streak...

posers and me

too sexy for the towels even..."POWERBAR" indeed!


i left this out in my haste to post more hardware for the cabinet!

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