Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Forgive me, for i've sinned...

Out of the 7 Deadly Sins...Dear God, i've commited all 7 within 24hours.

Yesterday night, i started the first sin by getting into sloth mode. I skipped Gym workout when MMDS is like 6 days from yesterday.

I decided to go and eat crab.

Treat it as an act of revenge for what the crabs' family did to me during Explorace Johor that will be shown at 9.30PM tomorrow on TV3. I've been telling eveyrone i know to see me on TV. That, inevitably, i've sinned again. I've commited Pride. I still think that me and Azly should be in the final of Explorace. How's that?

At the restaurant. I ordered 4 dishes for only 2 person to eat. There were a medium serving of Otak Otak. One medium serving of vegetable. One set of fried bread and 2 and a half crab. Cooked in butter and cheese.

Greed sets in and i ordered anohter set of bread. This doesn't include the rice that i've consumed and ordered extra. That's Gluttony. I justify it by telling myself that i need to recover for MMDS this weekend.

While eating the buttery cheesy crab which tasted like heaven and hell mixed up altogehter, God, forgive me for i've demostrated much Anger when i pounded on those huge pincher which has succulent flesh.

Right infront of my table was a couple that has also commited the sins as me. The ordered 2kg of crab, one in butter cheese, and another in dry chilli. I completed the whole night's sin with Envy.

I wanted to order a second helping of crab, to justify one of their family member that pinched my middle finger. But i refrain. I've committed 6 sins within 3 hours. I'm not that bad. God, will forgive me.

That was what i thought until today...

This very afternoon...i was in Taman Sungai Besi Indah when i chanced upon so many beautiful fragrant laden babes.

I know as i undress them, they will give me the juiciest and wettest fruit.

I succumbed to Lust.

I got 5 of them. 2 big ones. and 3 medium ones. Enough to satisfy all the lust in me. Enough to make me the happiest man in the world.

I put hurried them into my car... place them inside and locked the door as i drive away...


And tonight, i'll spare Sloth and i shalt be in the gym before i commit all the sins again...


They are TO DIE FOR...

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