Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Nostalgic - you bet

It was 1st January 1992. Major Malay dailies carried this news which happened on the 31st December 1991.

This is history, things that happened 14 Years, coming 15th Years ago.

The paper is still in good condition and i'll get it laminated to preserve it.

I was looking at this...

There was us, Kenneth, Me, Kah Seng, Zafri and Shahrul...

This was the report...Utusan Malaysia 1st Jan 1992

this was in Berita Harian on the same day. Shahrul's face was cropped out. Will replace later.

This was the picture in Berita Harian...the 5 of us won some obscure award for our passing in...which was also the start of our life in Hell.

This came out on Berita Harian a week later during the weekend. This is the photostated copy. Original was misplaced by someone that borrowed it to do his history project

The 42 of us...

Initially, there were 45 of us. 2 left RMC after the first week.

They are Saravanan and Kevin. Both are not being located.

After the passing in, 3 more left.

First was Kah Seng, which incidently married a friend that i know in triathlon races and explorace!!!! How small the world is? I didn't even know until he told his wife he knows me! He left after 6 months.

Before that, one other left after 3 months. I can't remember his name except he is from A company and he is fat.

The last one that left was Ibrahim. After slogging out with us for a year, he decided that enough is enough..and left us.

So, out of 45 that were offered a place in RMC in 1991. Only 39 passed out with the other 84 Boys that came to RMC in Form One.

Out of the 39, we couldn't locate just one more person, which is Gobi!!!

Oh Gobi..where art thou!

And to Kah Seng...welcome back!!!!!!

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