Thursday, July 27, 2006

Explorace Episode 6: Johor!

The time has come. I'll be on National TV racing with Azly against David and James.


Don't forget to see it tonight at 9.30pm on TV3!!!


Excerpt from Explorace Website

Kota Tinggi, Johor with it’s lush greenery that went on for as far as the eye could see looked very relaxing…. But contestants Azly & Ee Van and David and James could not relax on this Explorace!

After Sasha blew the horn at Padang Bukit Kerajaan, Azly and James took off to face the challenges of Route 1 while Ee Van and David took Route 2.

Azly and James arrived at their first task point at Doana Frozen Food at the same time… but luck was definitely on Azly’s side for this task… after only eating 3 super spicy hot curry puffs, he found the Explorace tag, enabling him to move on… but poor James suffered as he ate 18 of these ‘lethal’ curry puffs and found the tag in the 19th! They both had to learn how to ride a horse very quickly as that was how they arrived at their next task in the palm oil plantation. Two very verbal mak ciks showed them how to make make ‘penyapu lidi’ before moving on to the Youee Plaster Factory. Let’s just say they didn’t complete their task very elegantly here!

Because of their first task Route 2, Ee Van and David will now forever appreciate every crab they are served on a dining table. Ee Van expecially was at the mercy of the crabs painful pinchers they had to catch and tie up at Sedili Besar… David seemed to have done it before… hmmm…. Arriving at the Desaru Golf and Country Resort their golfing skills were tested. David better not have dreams of becoming a golfer! Next, it was off to Pulai Resort. So fun on the beach for them here! Never has a human felt so heavy to them as they did at this task!!!

The meeting point task at Kampung Semenchu really showed everyone that James can move well!! The task? To perform the tradition dance of the Zapin complete with costume! It was a fun experience for everyone involved..

All four contestants were becoming very weary from the very physical tasks they had faced throughout the day… Which team manages to over take the other at the Desaru Fruit Farm to then arrive at the finishing point first?

johor dance
I really can't dance!!!

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