Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Inconsiderate neighbours

there is rubbish bin in the lift's lobby you know?

I don't get it.

why must you throw rubbish from your car onto other's parking lot? Why bother taking the toll's reciept if you have every intention to throw it?

This is not the first time. I've found condom box thrown ONTO my car as well.

But you did the biggest mistake by throwing your own brake pad that state what car you were driving....

I know who you are

Also, to the othe neighbour staying on the 11th Floor. Why must you water your plant in such a way that you induce thunderstorm of your own whenever you does that? the water overflowing your pots will be flushed down to units below you.

I just did my laundry the other day and i had to re-do it again! No thanks to you, you inconsiderate son/daughter of a no good gun!

This isn't the first time and i've shouted from below before and the water miracilously stop the last time i did that! Do it again and i'll pee onto your unit.

Sad case of neighbourly love, no?

Perhaps you, the Black Perdana V6 driver that overtook me from the left at THE ROUNDABOUT was rushing back to see your team lose in the world cup, but that is not a reason to endanger my life and my wife's life by whizzing past us only to get into the lift 3 seconds before us (and thank you for not waiting for us eventhough you know we were coming!). I sure wish the team you were supporting will lose all the football matches from now on...or maybe i wish you lose in this world cup so badly that you had to sell your pathetic Perdana V6 which has a sticker of a club which i know the president!

Or how about you, the joker that decided that one way is your way and you come entirely from a differnt direction almost colliding into me as you exit your parking spot?

Bad neighbours aren't only found in highrise living, but also landed property.

I remember once, back in my old home in Ulu Kelang, the neighbour threw his Tv antenna onto my roof(his house has an extension with a huge balcony same level as my house's roof) and then you report to police that we took your antenna. Who you kidding, i sure hope you don't terrorise your new neighbour now that my family moved out from that home i grew up in.

Or even how, in my in law's house, this neighbour reported to MBPJ that the in law family's volkswagen are blocking your fengshui by parking opposite your house in a common area??? Isn't coming over and telling us to remove the car politely will do? We can't possibly improve your fengshui any better since now, there is many other cars parked at where the Volks were.

Let this be my Emo rant.

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