Monday, December 31, 2007

When i was 10, 17 and Happy New Year 2008!

Was at my parent's place yesterday to clear off some items.

They were shifting and i had to clear my stuffs.

And what a ride it was.

My Kad Sulit - pic of me at 10 years old

Apart from tearing and throwing away letters accumulated over the years from secret admirers, admirers and ex, i've also thrown away letters sent to me from friends i grew up with, way before they invented emails. Thanks Fay, Iqbal, Jen and Shahiman for making it all the efforts.

I recovered some uniforms i wore when i was 17 as well. And guess what, i could still fit into the pants...only thing is my thigh got bigger and i got slightly taller (yes, i did!)...

No.3 pants...seriously!

It's fitting, but not loose or tight. Just fitting, like how a military uniform should be.

OK-la, it's a bit tight, but it did not burst the zip or make me looked like a constipated fella when i buckle it; and i was breathing!

I found my primary school report card as well. What a joy.

No RED marks inside

So, before the year end today, i wish all of you a very very good 2008 ahead. May it bring all of you much joy, health and prosperity...

As for me, i just hope i will be able to get over and finish the IronMan on 23rd Feb 2008!

Ryan telling me he will snub me if i dont' finish the race

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