Wednesday, January 02, 2008

010108 Party At Putrajaya

When everyone was just coming back from New Year party, with some incidences of people still vomiting by the road side and one lover spat witnessed near Tractor Malaysia’s junction, my first day of 2008 was spent with some monkeys doing what we do best. Monkeying around.

Venue was at Putrajaya and the Menu was 100k bike and 20k run.




Monkeys at 5.30am

Zipp Carbon Speed Weaponry





Azwar had 2 puntures, one at KM10 and one more at KM75. The interesting thing about the second puncture is that we shared some view with a few cows (which explained why that stretch smelt of cow dung).

4 Guys supervising how to change bike tube

Or was it the cows wonder why Azwar is bending over?

Here is a video of these mutants cruising at a slow (to them) 36km/h. This is the pace they always do when they go for their long ride. How I managed to keep up with them after 70km/h still baffles me.

Immediately after the bike, we changed and ran. Some did 20k, some did 10k and for weakling like me, did a mere 3.3k (Adzim has his new GPS Forerunner with HRM).

Adzim and Azwar burning the road

While me and Bacin struggled to keep up

Dino, Mejar Kalam and his merry UPNM men were seen cycling past the Mosque area as I packed to go home. If those mutants were to BRICK with us, I can bet that I will be cleaning up after their sweat.

Anyhow, it was a good workout, a slow but surely entry to BRICK, in preparation for IM08.

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