Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Letter to Ah Girl.

Dearest Ah Girl,

This is your father writing. Yes, the usual corny fella that been telling jokes your mum won't laugh at anymore.

Today, you are 17.5 weeks, you weigh in at about 250grams and is 6 inches tall.

Oh ya, we also found out that you are a GIRL!.

Let me tell you that this was like a super duper news to all of us. As you should know by now, you have an elder brother. His name is Ryan. And yes, he is the one that has always been putting his head on you and patting you as and when mummy sits down.

And the other fella that has been talking to you is, well, of course me.

Your aunts and grandma (your mum's family) shrieked with delight.

Which only meant one thing - i better start saving enough money to build you a big wardrobe. (It's scary to think that your brother, at 14 months old, has more clothes than your father).

By the way, just like your brother, you will have a new home to stay. When he was borned, papa and mama just shifted into the current place. By the time you are borned, it will be another new place for you, a bigger more comfy one for the family.

So, what do your father, mother and brother want from you?

Well, apart from that you will be able to get one rich tycoon as your husband, we wish that you will be blessed with the best of health, physically and mentally, of course. Nothing more than that.

And papa hope that your arrival this year will bring more luck to us all in the family. Papa is already blessed with a promising career (but that would also mean less time for you, mum and your brother), your mum is already blessed with the both of you (and she is actually thinking of a 3rd one...) and of course, your brother will definately have someone to be protective of.

Heck, i will interview the guys you bring home still; your brother will just help me gather "intelligence informations".

Above all, until you are named, you will be refered to as Ah Girl. Enjoy! As we all at home certainly are!

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