Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Sick - Hating It.

2 years ago, in the final preparation to KLIM (my first marathon), i went down with a bad viral fever that took a month to fully recover, by then, all mileage put into the marathon training went down the anus, literally.

Last year, in preparation for KLIM, again, i was bogged with both knee injury and viral fever. Again, all preparation went to waste.

Both years, i ran a 5:55 marathon. Viral fever = consistent 42km finishing time?

Now, as i'm writing this, i'm writhing in pain as my stomach churns inside out, my muscle ache and when everyone is red and rosy, i'm blue and depressed.

Plus i'm the only one wearing a jacket in the office.

42 days to IronMan race. Time's running out. I'm worried all my effort that i put in since March 2007 will be wasted.

Nevermind the base training i put myself into by running like a mad dog at 2pm in the afternoon.

Or the mindless pedalling i had with the monkeys, often nothing less than 3-figures distances.

I can't say much about swimming as i simply do not have the privy to do it as often as the other two.

I lost almost 10kg since March 07. Going into training at a hefty 85kg and now i'm consistently at 75kg. My weight dropped by 2kg over the past 3 days; partly due to inability to eat and digest food properly.

In short, the Malay will say i am "santau-ed".

My mum thinks i'm pushing myself with my training too hard (she knows about my 5am RV with Shazly).

Wife thinks i'm not doing enough (and hence, bought me the DREAM, so i could really put it to good use).

Now, i'm reeling. Ulcer in the mouth. Stomach releasing more water than when i pee. Muscle aching and threaten to cramp. Joint felt like it had not moved for ages. Head feeling heavy. Temperature rises in the late evening.

Overtrained? I am certainly not. not since i started this job in this new office.

It has been 5 months since (21 weeks since - thanks to the timesheet system, i know exactly how many weeks i'm here), i'm still adapting to the whole new "consultancy" capacity, the whole new "workload" and a whole new expectation with work. I'm now tasked to do Business Development as well. Apart from leading a team to complete 90 sites this year. Nevermind the pay. After 7 years working in my previous company and going no where in terms of career and securing a good future, i find myself trying really really hard to catch up. 75% of the office is 5 years younger than me on the average. The other 25% are the bosses. I've no issues working under someone younger. But it would be better to be on top.

Looked like i play as hard as i work. Or perhaps, i've been working harder than playing.

And that including spending enough time with the family. Speaking of which, Wifey is trying to weane Ryan off his pacifier. So far, so good. Been 3 days. Just that we had to struggle a bit in the middle of the night, with him looking for his pacifier. It's a bit tough, when we are expecting the second one, and me, still not recovering.

from this...

to this

And i hope i will recover soon (make that soonest).

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