Monday, January 21, 2008

Sunday Tri Simulation

Got only myself to blame for not waking up to do the mandatory 30km run yesterday morning. It's like the mind shut off. I set 2 alarms, and left both phones outside the room.

Subconciously giving myself excuse to sleep in perhaps?

And yes, i felt really bad, especially so that i promised Shazly i'll run with him. Sorry buddy.

Soon after lunch, i made up for what was lacked (in training) by telling myself to do an OD tri simulation.

1.5km swim, 40km bike and 10km run.

By right, this distance shouldn't even bother me at all; bonus was the really hot and humid afternoon that it was yesterday from 3pm to 6pm.

swim 39mins

I swam 100% freestyle, which is a vast improvement over the usualy freestyle/breaststroke which i do. I would say that 40minutes duration i would had covered at least 1.2km of distance.

Went upstairs, changed and roll out on bike.

bike 1:16

Felt good on the bike, decided i might not need aerobar, too late to get accustomed to it again and do not want to risk anything during IM. So, i went on for 36km in 1:16 and went home.

Not too bad also la

Parked the bike and changed to my running shoes and ran to TTDI and back. Should have at least 10km there.


Finished the run in 56:13 and ended the day with a 100m lunge uphill to home.

Total time plus transition is slightly over 3 hours i reckon, as by the time i enters the house, it's just past 6pm.

I still felt strong and good. Sign that OD won't be a problem in the near future, and i might just be able to push harder on those OD tri races.

But IM is not any OD race, and with that, i'm keeping my fingers crossed, with roughly about 30 days to go, that i will finish the IM distance in 17 hours.

That's my personal battle. Come.what.may.

I weighed in again today and stood at 73.5kg. My ideal target is at 72kg lean. Looked like it's reachable within the next 30 days. Don't worry, i won't starve myself to lose weight. I want to lose fat, not muscle.

Oh ya, i cut my hair yesterday, which may had contributed to me weighing 500 gram less. :)

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