Monday, January 28, 2008

KL-Putrajaya-KL : 185km

Before i start today's blog entry, here is a picture i want to share. Me at about 7 years old, i reckon.

Yes, i'm fat. Thanks to the bread spreaded with 3mm thick of Planta and a cup of Nespray milk my mum used to make me and my sis eat/drink before the school bus arrive.

Now, compare that to me, when i was 5.

That is what happen when your mum force feed you in those 2 years period. I continue to grow, both horizontally and vertically. Then i stopped growing vertically and continue growing horizontally.

OK, back to the report.

Me, Shazly and Rashid went on for a long ride last Saturday.

We started at 5.30am from Shazly's place and headed towards Jalan Tun Razak before entering the highway at Kampung Pandan roundabout.

The road was clear, short of a few taxis speeding towards KLIA via Putrajaya and Adzim, which slowed down to check out butts out. The distance to Putrajaya was about 30km odd. But the "bumps" (as Shazly would call it) reminds anyone of the Seremban-PD highway.

"8 bumps only la", he jested.

And so, the 3 of us cycled up and down the bumps, passing Sri Kembangan, Bukit Jalil and ending up at Putrajaya, near the Cyberjaya/Putrajaya - KLIA highway.

We literally cycled from early morning...

Early Morning


Rashid, IM 09 hopeful, was having a good time riding with us two old hag. This chap is training as if he is gonna sub 14 hours in IM08.

IM 09 Candidate

By the time we rode over to the KLIA toll the second time, we saw Bacin and gang...speeding through, breaking the speed limit, as usual.

Where else, i was happily cruising along, catching up with Shazly and Rashid...

Shazly's Butt

We stopped at Petronas at P16 for refill.It was and will be a hot day. I brought along 4x750ml of liquid, of which after 100km, i finised 2 bottles and refilled another 2. The last 80km promised to be a hot affair. It was so really hot that we saw Bandit driving past on the opposite direction at the KL-Putrajaya highway wearing singlet.

If only IM08 is like this

Or hoping IM08 WON'T be like this???

Basically we did 2.5 loop of "Azwar's Secret Loop" and plus the distance to and fro from UK to Putrajaya, we hope to clock in 180km. Headwind was strong and we found ourselves pedalling downhill as well. The final 30km wouldn't be a ride in the park, i reckon.

Beautiful concrete jungle that is KL

But that wasn't the case. We only managed a 173km by the time we reached the traffic light near Shazly's house.

"Stupe, Melawati jom", Shazly suggested.

Knowing that i have todo a 180km by hook or by crook, i got no other reason to say "NO, are you nuts? you can fry a blardy egg on the handle bar even!".

SO, while Rashid shrugged off the thoughts of doing anohter odd 12km (of which he already cycled like 173km...)and prepping himself up to cycle the last bit of the ride (ie ride up the hill leading to Shazly's house), me and Shazly gladly rode to Melawati and exited at Klang Gate before heading home.

I was fine, well, until i reached the hill to Shazly's place. My abducters cramped and i did the stupidest thing by stopping and unclipping. That was when i felt how thick the fat on my inner thigh was as the muscle was so hard (because of the cramp) that i could actually pinchthe skin and knows how thick the fat was (damn it, it still IS!). All i could do was to unclip my other leg (right, which was feeling really fine) and stood there, with my back to the sun. It was burning hot. It was only what felt like forever that the muscle eased up and i could bend the left leg and relieve the cramp.

I finished the 185km ride, pedalling up the final ascent (looked like 150m, but it was in actual fact, 300 meters) and reaching Shazly's place in 7:18 (173km took us 6:30) inclusive of the time when i was standing there, bending over, baking in the sun while waiting for the leg to ease up.

Ride Stats

The average speed was pretty slow at 26km/h. That meant that it will take me that long to finish the 180km biking on IM08.

We decided to take the day off yesterday and ran this morning, at ungodly hours, again.

Clocked 12km in about 1:16. Now what is left is for me to swim dilligently (and intelligently) and i guess i am almost "there" for IM08, which is 25 days, from today.

Perhaps i should start praying?

Perhaps i should.

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