Monday, January 07, 2008

Sunday's MLD - 20km Run

"What the hell you people doing loading up your bikes at 4.30am?", I shouted across the road to Laif, Adzim and Ariff.

Yes, that is without realising that i too, woke up at 4am and got ready for a MLD (Medium Long Distance) run.

Shy? Of course la, at least they got better excuse that they are doing Simpang Pulai - Tapah - Cameron - Simpang Pulai.

Drove to Bukit Aman and started the run with AJ (many times IM finisher) and Shazly.

"Bro, today we will be doing our PB for 30k", Shazly lamented as we were trying to match AJ's pace...

Lucky that AJ is not half his age...or we both will be having his smoke for breakfast.

It was a fast 20km that i ever did...2:11:40. As you can see, i'm not fast, despite half the world i know says i'm fit etc etc etc.

Route: BA - Bukit Tunku - Hartamas - Double Hill - Tugu -BA
Ave HR: 140bpm
Max HR: 160bpm
Kcal: 2820kcal

long time didn't post like this eh?

Was it a good run? Yes it was. Infact, i felt fine, prefectly fine, but because i had to rush home to help my parents shift to a new place, i got no choice but to call it off, and not run the extra 8km (I had it played in my mind; to run from Bukit Aman to th 4k mark in Bukit Tunku and back).

Later that morning (and until 2200hours), it was all about heavy liftings and running about from Gombak to Subang to help my parents shift to their new place.

All i can say is, i'm really happy for them, for moving out from the place that had made them so depressed.

Today, my whole body was aching, it felt as if i've ran 30km and lifted weights like i never did before!

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