Tuesday, December 18, 2007


"Got one small black thing there la", Dr. Raman told me and wifey as he scanned through her womb.

"It's the bladder", he added.

"Doesn't matter doc, girl or boy, as long as they are healthy", i added and wife nodded in agreement.

"Nuchal scan shows the skin thickness to be 1.2mm, which is great, and the nasal bone is formed, which is good news too", Doc Raman said assuringly.

"That would meant chances of Down is now reduced to 0.01% for someone your age", he added again.

"And look at how much he/she is moving!"

Yes, me and wifey can't help but smile while looking at the screen. Our pride and joy.

I'm not talking about Ryan.

Say hello to Stupe/Aileen Jr. Number 2.

13 weeks in and expecting delivery by June 2008!

Now if you can't make out what the image above shows, just imagine it's like how John Travolta's hand action as pictured below...lying down...

Yeap, Drama King/Queen number 2 coming. And our dear Ryan will be a big brother soon!

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