Monday, November 19, 2007

Lets Get It Started

Saturday - Broga Classic - 140km

Batu 18 - Tekala - Semenyih - Broga - Lenggeng - Kuala Klawang - Genting Peres - Batu 18

Mood - Spirited (before ride)
Mood - Cursing (after ride)

Total ride time: 6:30:45
Distance : 141.6km
Average speed : 22.5km/h
Max Speed : 70.0km/h (best in the world, down Bukit Tangga)
Kcal burned : 6345kcal
Average HR : 147bpm
Max Hr : 168bpm

There were 11 of us; Shazly, Adzim, Ariff, May Senn, Feisal, Sofian, Bacin, Dicky, Azmar, Ali and me.


By the end of the ride, there were us minus Ariff, May Senn, Feisal and Ali.

Senn fell near Broga, and was advised to end the ride. Ariff followed her back. Feisal on Adzim's P3C, turned back after Lenggeng. Ali, turned back after Semenyih because he has a wedding to attend.

Motley crews

I was this short of turning back at Bukit Tangga. 3 stops and 3 sms-es to wifey and the words of encouragement she gave, was enough for me to fire on to finish Bukit Tangga.

Reaching the peak of Bukit Tangga was a relieve, happily leg go of the brake and cruise down the hill touching 70.0km/h (Azmar managed a 71.6km/h on aerobars).

By then, the gang was no where in sight, it was me, alone, for the next 16km to Petronas Klawang.

Adzim told me that my face looked pale when i reached Klawang this morning. He was dead right, i was pale. Cramps and obvious lack of distance training finally ate into me.

Ride leader

When i did Klawang a while a go (ie reverse Broga classic), i was going at it like i was some hero. No pain. No cramps. Just.Pure.Joy.

The same can't be said for Broga Classic.

By KM100, i was left behind by the main peloton. All were mightily strong on the bike. I was left cursing on the flat. What could had been an easy 30km/h on the rolling hills was reduced to a painfully slow 17km/h at some stretch and max of 24km/h.

KM102.5 marks the final climb towards Genting Peres.

"Here you go Stupe, the acid test", i told myself, reluctantly.

Before the ride commence, i told Shazly that the ride would very much determine if i can finish the IronMan next year, should i continue with minimal training as of the past 3 months. if i survive this ride, the chances of finishing the race would be likely, but not confirmed.

it was wet wet water for them

The 16km up from Klawang to Peres was a painfully slow and painfully cramping with uncountable screams and shouts and frustration for me. Thank goodness i had Azmar to maintain my sanity.

Frustrated? I am.

Angry? I was.

Delusioned? Hell yes.

I lost count how many times i stopped; even unclipping from the pedal was a task, each time, threatening to cramp my calves.

I lost count how many "last corner" which will lead us to the top of the hill with the political party signboard on top of Bukit Hantu Besar.

Memang Hantu Besar i tell you.

But the sight of that signboard was the best thing that ever happened that day. Scream of joy and tears of relief were shed. If only there was a video camera, anyone seeing how we reacted would shed a tear, or two as well.

Where everyone is smilling, i'm crying

I'm serious, everyone is smiling

When i show Shazly this photo of me, he laughed, almost wetting his pants.

worth a thousand words

This morning, me and Shazly went for a short 12km run over Bukit Damansara at 5am. Seems that is the only possible time for me to squeeze in some training mileage.

Felt great as i've not ran for ages. I just hope i would be able to do this on a regulr basis.

Will be driving up to Kedah and come back the same day, so, no training tomorrow. Lets see how Wednesday goes.

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