Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Letter From Last Year.

This is my 3rd letter to myself. Sent into the future (then in 2006) and received today (in 2007). My reply in BOLD

Dear FutureMe,

Today i received an email to myself. Corny. I know.
Tell me something i don't already know

So, i'm gonna write you anohter check list for you to refer in a year's time.

1. Did you do another KLIM?
Yes, i did. And i got sponsored by Nike to run the race in 6 hours. There goes my PB timing.

2. How did Eco-Xtreme went?
It went really well, but i did not had the chance to join it. :(

3. Got road bike already or not?
Yes. 2 Infact. One is a steel classic and one more an aeroplane tubing collectible. A few extra wheelsets thanks to friends. You guys know who you are. Mucho gracias.

4. How many triathlons you managed to enter since the time of writing this?
Lets count. A Formosa, Bukit Merah, PD, Desaru. That is all???? :(:(

5. Are you a Powerbar Athelete now?
Well, i applied for it...

Personal life:
1. Is Aileen pregnant, again?

2. How has Ryan's presence enriched your life?
He is the sun in my life, wife's the light. Together, they are my SUNLIGHT.

3. Ee-Svun should be taking his STPM by now. Have i ask her what she wants to do when she finish her studies?
Next week is when her STPM starts. I sure wish her all the best. Not spoken to her what she should do, think i should be playing my big brother role now, as this is really relevant.

4. Is Ee-Von still single and available?

Friends' Life:
1. Is Surin a father yet?
Not yet, but perhaps in a year or two time.

2. Is Norman Married?
He is gonna be one of the eligible bachelors around, why bother getting married? ;-)

3. How about Amir? Is he still single?

4. Iqbal - is he coping well with his work in Malaysia?
Coping well i guess, he got Lenny and Mika to be his sunlight. :)

5. How many diving trips has June went on in a year's time?
Why am i even bothering to count it for her. She lost count herself.

6. How about Light & Easy Buddies, anyone gotten married within this one year?
Yes. Congrats Steph and Chia!

Working life:
1. Still in the same company ah?
For once in my life, i'm working in a different company. After 7 years in the same institution, i guess it's time to move on, and i sure hope this current one will eb rewarding in years to come. Loyal staff of the year? Well, i've not gotten anything from the previous one, what makes you think i will get any here?


And a happy Birthday to myself!
Yes. Happy birthday to myself. have a good one Stupe.

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