Wednesday, November 07, 2007

MC - First In 7 Years

After working for 7 years, i finally had to take an MC.

And after getting an MC (for today), i decided to get back into office to complete reports.

I'm not trying to get any award for being a so called dedicated staff, which i don't think any company would actually acknowledge it.

End of the day, it's true, I should had went back and rest.

This is for viral fever and throat infection - but will never be utilised

I only have my wife to thanks, for spending up to 4 hours trying to bring my temperature down on monday night, after i came back from PD (day trip). But yesterday, the temperature went up again at 1130hours...and i had to bring myself to see a doctor at 2100hours, after i completed 2 reports...that is.

Temperature is rising again...

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