Saturday, December 19, 2009

Saturday Mayhem

My mum was admitted to hospital this afternoon. Apparently she had appendicitis for the past few weeks and she did not say a word.

This mornimg after marketing dhe cant stand the pain anymore. Apparently she pop 4 ponstan with coffee to stop the pain.

She pop 4 because 2 doesn't work for her anymore.

A simple SOP operatuon this afternoon which wad classified as emergency by the hospital took 90 minutes instead of 30.

Her appendix were severely inflamed and would had burst anytime. Infact it was rotting and was mushy.

Doctor dont even need to clamp the base to cut it and it just came off like that.

A day late she would had bleed to death and we won't know what happened.

Thank you God for ensuring the operation was without further complication. A gynae was on standby in case they need to move her uterus and ovary.

Noe, only worries is infection from inside as there is no gurantee how the stiches could hold up. Doc had to overstich the wound and will be giving her stronger antibiotics.

Bed rest for the next two days were ordered.

I am next to her now and it hurts to see the woman that brought me up looking so fragile. Her lips were pale and her skin, green. Why is that i need to be unpleasant to tell her that if she need to see a doctor, she is insured?

She chosed to trust traditional medical practioners. I got nothing against them if they do not attempt to kill someone along the way.

Doc Chan, the doc that operated on her spoke of this as he came out to brief us. If ever you need your herbs and works, get to Tung Shin! Its regulated there.

I have exhausted all avenue and methids to tell her not to go. She wouldn't listen.

Back home, with my mum in law diagnosed with Lymphoma B, things aren't about to get any rosier.

I am considering to take unpaid leave or perhaps quit my job and stay home full time to sort out the kids and ailing parents. Wifey's business needs to go on and they are in the midst of opening one more branch.

My pay is nothing. I am not shy to say i am not the breadwinner in the family. Just that i feel i have too much talent to be wasted not doing anything, career wise.

If two parents not feeling tip top are bad, my dad that had a stroke 5 years ago developed diabetes just last month. He also have balance issues due to the imbalance liquid in his ears. It sadden me to see someone like him walking and stumbling.

So here i am. Sitting. Staring into blankness if i am not typing this. Wondering what is there more to life.

I have my mother's temper and stubbornness. I inherit her righteousness. My dad taught me loyalty and they both showed me tolerance.

But there is only that much a man can take.

2009 indeed were challenging. And i dont think 2010 will be any better.

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