Thursday, December 10, 2009

Enchanced RHB Online Banking NOW!

Online banking nowadays is a norm. For busy people like me that sometimes has to cut short my lunch hours just to attend to some banking needs, online banking is the way to go.

I myself has accounts with a few banks and fortunately they all have their online portal. However, just like human, they are never build the same.

Some online portal are so cluttered that assessing them to do banking is like doing some scrambled words puzzle.

There are only 24hours in a day and with 1hour of lunch period, you would want to maximise on every moment you have for yourself.

When RHB revamped and re-launched their online banking portal, it was almost (i say almost) a blessing.


Locate the LOGON button on the top right corner and you will be transported to a page for you to key in your logon details. What is cool about this (though a bit redundant) is that it has a pop-up...keyboard. Certainly useful if you rather use your mouse than your...err...keyboard?

Once you click logon, you will be prompted to enter a "secret phrase", which i think were in place to prevent bots (or automated keylogger/executer) to log in. Pretty nifty and definately the first i've seen for online banking. This extra steps alone will ensure an extra level of security.

Once you are in and verified, you will be led into the online portal - UNCLUTTERED!

My granma won't get lost here!

One thing that has set this portal away from the others in my opinion is the loading speed. It responds like it is on steroid. One click and you go to the next item. Even when i am doing my favourite activity in any online banking (i.e. PAYING BILLS), the drop down menu for payee could be selected relatively fast.

My favourite payee...if i don't pay, i don't get internet at home

Gone are the need to "breakdown" the category in online banking. Some portal find it a need to categorise payee as "Telecommunication" and then you arrive at a sub-category where you can choose the telcos you want to pay. I find that like someone telling me that a guy can't get pregnant.

RHB aced this by just simplying it. Beautiful.

There is one particular customisation that i find very helpful. It allows me to personalise my online account. Lets say that if you have three active savings account with the bank say one each for yourself, yourself and your spouse and yourself and your mistress (LETS JUST SAY), you can actually rename the account to reflect the account by NAME and not by NUMBER. Hey, RHB just brought Online Banking to be FUN! (or at least you can check your account status and do your banking with some smile)

Certainly helpful for you to know at one glance the status of each and every account, no?

You can be James Bond too if you want, but i stick to my middle name - Handsome

The above are just some of the items you could do with the new RHB online banking portal and there are a few other new features that has been added on apart from the simplicity of usage and ability for customisation.

One of the new improvement that works on predictable bill payments and/or fund transfer is the multiple payment function where you decide who, the amount, the date or how many times and when you want the payment/transfer to be made.

I will give Ryan RM50 until he turns 12. Will reconsider pocket money raise when he goes to secondary school

All the improvement above is really practical from my point of view. I am a working adult that clocks in an average of 50 hours week and that leaves me very little time to do conventional banking the traditional way. RHB online banking portal has sort of make my life a wee bit easier as i do not need to rush having my lunch just to pay that darn Astro or Telekom bill (or risk mutiny happening at home).

It is simple as simple as this blog entry is and it is straight to the point. There is no delayed logon or cases where you can finish half a cup of tea before you are brought to the online portal.

RHB Online banking portal are FAST, SIMPLE and EASY to use.

That is just how i like my the food that are served to me during lunch to be.

Go to the nearest RHB branch and sign up for an account. Use the account to login to your online banking portal or if you are a current RHB credit card owner, you can log on using that as well.

Use them and see if you agree with my write ups above.

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