Sunday, December 13, 2009

Good 66km On MEX

Did MEX with Jason yesterday and felt pretty ok to be the bike, again.

Started a bit late as did not want to wake up at 0530hours. Traffic were a bit heavy on Jalan Damansara before merging with Kerinchi Link where the traffic diluted towards Federal Highway.

It was a slow good leg finding ride yesterday. Was a bit happy that i could push on larger gears (as in big crank on 17 or less) up the hills and maintained about 20km/h.

Pulled back from pushing more than i should as i do not want to set the expectation too high.

2:41 over 66km. Not some super timing but did struggled a fair bit to find the pace again.

As comparison, Emma bumped into us (i said she bumped into us as she was coming really fast from behind) and i betcha that those 70km ride for her was accomplished in 2hours. She must had averaged 32km/h when all me and Jason did was 23km/h...

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