Thursday, December 24, 2009

Rev-Up with Revive Isotonic!

70 odd days to go for IronMan 2010 and preparation aren't exactly great. As an amateur triathlete, every little bits count.

While the hard part of the training are underway, the harder part would really be the nutrition portion.

Eating a well balanced meal means to know your A to Zinc of your food that you take. Believe it or not, salt, or rather Natrium (Sodium for you US based people) plays an important role to sustain you throughout your workouts and races.

I've always been a fan of isotonic drink. There are many out there in the market and my current favourite is Revive Isotonic.

Why did i like it in the first place? Well, to start with, it's LESS gassy and doesn't have that "bite your tongue" feeling when you gulp it down fast (due to the gas). It doesn't make you burp as much too unlike some other isotonic drinks.

Revive Isotonic is currently having a contest to REV IT UP! Look for the tab above that says "Rev-Up Contest"

Aptly called, what better way to drink your way and use your creativity to score it big?

Now, what do you think is a "Rev It Up" moment?

For me it has to be :

1. Daily activity performed in an extraordinary way (like walking to the shopping complex instead of driving there)
2. Physical activity (yes, in bed counts too).

Here are some samples from the Rev It Up Facebook page.

Ordinary Activity done in an extraordinary way - Mixing TWO sports into one, why chop tree when you can slam dunk?

or dancing to a new height

Unfortunately both the two great pictures above wasn't submitted to the right page and that meant it is not counted for voting. So, do read the guideline properly.

Both the photo above would had been even more perfect if they have a bottle of Revive in the hand...or next to the radio...or instead of dunking ball, dunk a Revive!

Apart from Still photos, you too can create VIDEO. If a picture tells a thousand words, imagine what a moving picture could do!

Do note that there is a weekly cash prize of RM1000 and a Grand Prize of RM5000 should your entry wins.

How do you win? You have to add Revive Isotonic as your friend in Facebook. Then you Submit your (soon to be) winning entry and you get people to VOTE!

Then you click on the next photo and you will be asked to install the Revive Apps (for Facebook) and you can start submitting your entry and be Voted!

Simple as that!

I don't know about some of you, but with the festivities around and many opportunity for more Rev-Up moments, don't leave home without your bottle or can of Revive isotonic and your camera!

Contest ends January 25, 2010. Don't Wait!

I say, Rev-It-Up!!!!

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