Monday, October 17, 2005

A week that was...

1. Found out Titiwangsa Triathlon is on my birthday. Will be the last race for me in the 20-29 age group) as i'll be *categorised* as 30-35 next year.

2. Missed two cycling trip from Genting Sempah to Coffee Bean Genting. One because i can't remember why and anohter because my grand uncle passed away. Those Light and Easy gang aren't very light, or easy anymore! more like Light and Crazy!

3. Found out that my team, OP Adventure finished 20th in AXN out fo 39 teams (with 12 All Men's team that DQ, making us officially the 4th last team in the group.)

4. Found out Quick Released finally has my picture taken in the Putrajaya Powerman. That was the second last time i used my pink glove... I finished the race in 40th position out of 47 racer in my age group (with 2 DNF and numerous DNS).

5. Found myself immersing in my new found hobby - gardening, and is now struggling to keep at least 3 plants alive..hahahaha.. (no gang, i'm still the hardcore average joes, got to do what a joe's got to do, and that include gardening!)

6. Realised that it takes me 2 weeks to fully recover after the gruelling month of September 2005. Slowly letting the body to adapt to my new 75kg weight and frame.

7. Spoke to the DG of IRB and has now been contended that Tax and Death is two things you can't escape as long as you are alive (or even dead, for that matter!)

8. My mum's uncle passed away on Friday, helped out the funeral until yesterday. He's in his 60's and the death cause is cardiac arrest a week before. Treasure live while it's there y'all!

9. Car overheated yesterday. RPM at idling was at 3000 and thought the cooling system was at fault only to find out my radiator is as cold as ice and the caused was a T-joint that broke thus not sending water to the carb to ask it to stop idling at 3000 to warm the engine up. For a moment, i thought i'll die of spontaneous combustion while driving.

10. Melaka got almost flooded and me and boss was bogged with calls about how Melaka will be swallowed up by the river if we don't get our sorry arse there soon...

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