Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Well Done Ah Thiam!!!

Was surfing through the Ironman website and just realised that IronMan Kona was just over.

Then i just surf through the alphabet to check for any potential Malaysian in the list and chance upon...


click here to see how he fared: HERE

Well done to Nicol too, as at long last, she proven that Malaysian is not all about being Jaguh Kampung...

The winner is This chap named Faris Al-Sultan, a teacher based in Munich. He beat the closest competitor, a profesional Triathelete by a good 5 minutes...which in their standard of running, a good 500-750m away.

Again. Well done Ah Thiam!

Malaysia should now look into sponsoring these mighty superman and woman malaysians instead of sme Jaguh Kampungs!

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