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Review: d'MUG by Dexsim : A Heat Sensitive Mug

We all use a cup or mug at home or in the office to hold/store liquid for consumption. Having a family at home meant I always have more than just two mugs on the tray ready for everyone's use. The multiple color and even design are unique to each individual at home - some more than the other. The situation doesn't change in the office with an assortment of mugs being placed in the pantry for use. 
Office Pantry
About four years ago, I received a free mug from an Oil&Gas company that sort of reacts with hot water and reveal a design. It was pretty cool to have one of those mugs as it was different. 
The mechanic of the mug was a piece of heat sensitive sticker that will change color or reveal a hidden graphic when in contact with hot water/liquid. However the quality of the mug given (free) is not as good as other mugs as it was heavy and the heat-sensitive sticker has since outlived it's ability to "disappear" when cold. You can see from the photo on the left that the whole "engine" (previously hidden) is shown without any hot water poured inside. 

d'MUG by Dexsim
A friend recently approached me to help out with his humble business that was setup to promote and sell such mugs. Known as d'MUG, they are producing these heat-sensitive mugs that are made from high grade ceramic compound that are light and durable. 

As I am very much into reviewing items and also helping friends out with their business (as long as the business is legit), I thought why not take a look at them and see if it is as good as it was claimed to be.
Dexsim is a company formed by two friends (that i know for years) and both of them has recently quit their corporate world job to seek out fortune and be their own business owner. d'MUG is how they started and they are looking to expand their business in this very niche market. Among their advantage would be:

  • Food grade material suitable and safe to be used (no leachate) and has a lab test by SGS as reference.
  • Vibrant color and design. High resolution and quality artwork.
  • Highly customizable if you are looking to make this your corporate or event gift. The minimum order quantity (MOQ) is 50 units only.
  • Each unit comes in a nice giftbox (which i believe can be customised to your order too, do check with them). Photos below.
  • The design before and after review two different artwork. I was given a zebra striped mug which upon contact with hot water, disappear and out come a zebra! Dexsim has produced d'MUG with inspirational quotes which can be something really different.
Here are some photos of the d'MUG that was shared with me.
The box that came with d'MUG
d'MUG was nicely wrapped up and secured
Inside of the box.
The whole package
While the mug is food grade and the artwork and design will last a long time. It is noted that exposure in microwave may shorten the lifespan of the d'MUG's ability to change design/color. So, do keep in mind about this.
Be informed
The Mug that was shared with me. Zebra stripes
How did it perform and change design? The video below documents it. Note that the upper band was still dark because I did not pour hot water till the top. It was a bit impractical as it will create spillage. However, for me, it was good enough. I now know if I can see the Zebra, the liquid is piping hot! So, I just need to wait until the design fades a little before drinking.

The d'MUG is selling for RM22 per unit for end user. Dexsim has a Facebook page that you can like and follow, or be in touch with the manufacturer for potential MOQ orders. They have roadshow and it it best way to view the mugs up close. One thing that hit me was how light the d'MUG was. 
Some technical specs:
Size: 8.25cm diameter x 9.00cm height.
Capacity: Approximately 400ml
Weight:  Approximately 225 gram – 250gram.

They do have other sizes and design that again, can be customised. You can view them here

I was also told that they are bringing in cold colour changing glass/ ceramic mug / plastic mug. So, another swanky option for cold drinks lover. A Color changing Ice Lemon Tea or Beer mug? That would be awesome.

1)     www.dexsim.com  - Dexsim official website (corporate website)
2)     www.d-mug.com  - The e-Store that you can view and purchase it online.
3)     http://www.facebook.com/DexsimSdnBhd  - Dexsim’s fan page.

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