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The Nomad Office @ Mont Kiara

I've always wondered how it will be to have my own office. It would be silly to "rent" a whole office unit just to cater for a small self-operated business setup or a team of two (or three). The cost of long term rental and other overheads will put a dent in the startup budget.
A Room With A View? Possible only at The Nomad Office @ Month Kiara
Imagine myself as a small time entrepreneur that does freelance consulting - and where working from home will be impossible with the kids at home constantly coming up to you seeking attention. 
Full Function Conference Room with Voice and Video Function only at The Nomad Office @ Mont Kiara
Moreover, you would need a conference room or meeting room and meeting the client outside at cafe would not be too professional though a bit more laidback. 
Imagine Your Own Office At An Established Neighbourhood, only at The Nomad Office @ Mont Kiara
Impression, you have one chance to awe them.
Fully serviced reception area only at The Nomad Office @ Mont Kiara
When I first left consultancy, it did came to me that perhaps I can do my own freelancing. The money as an independent consultant is good and what more, you have the freedom to work when you want and where you want. 
I almost wanted to, but due to the high cost that one would incur as a "start up" and with very little companies or establishment offering this about 5 years ago, that dream has to be "shelved" at that point of time.
Introducing the Nomad Office
Stationery provided, only at where else, The Nomad Office @ Mont Kiara
The Nomad Offices is a provider of serviced offices, shared office space, hot desks, virtual office, meeting rooms and video conference facilities. This essentially removed the heavy upfront cost of renting, renovating, furnishing and running the office. Nomad is sensitive to how small setup and startup would be very tight with the operational expenditure and allow for choices and customisation based on affordability.
From as little as RM699/person/month (per person per month), you can have an office at a registered address with all the works, minus the worry to pay for utilities (water, electricity, internet) and overheads (cleaning services, furniture, stationery)
Top of the line option would be the Office Suite where you rent a private space where you will get an office that is fully furnished with workstations (desks), phone line and internet connection, completed with a full range of amenities, services and on-site support.
A 3-men Office with a view of KL City Centre (and traffic condition at DUKE highway)
With 34 office suites at The Nomad Office @ Mont Kiara, you have choices of office with or without view, office for ONE or office for up to FIVE person. This is very attractive as a company with up to 5-headcount can actually have a setup that is fully supported without worrying about having to hire (and add more cost) a receptionist and other overhead.
The Office Suite Features
The lease is available for both short and long term and depending on space availability, you can move in anytime.
Office for 5 person, complete with a Manager's Room. 
Me, the Manager with my "team" Blogging at The Nomad Office @ Mont Kiara
Each office suite comes with security lock that is accessible by close proximity card. It is safe to leave your items in these locked offices - provided your lease with them is still valid ;-)
Yessir! Secured office at The Nomad Office @ Mont Kiara
If you operate alone (like Superman or Spiderman) and need only ONE private suit all for yourself, that works too, this could be a solution (to store all your superhero costumes)
A Single Suite. Now make sure your superhero costume is wrinkle free
If you do not need the private suite, perhaps the Shared Offices might be of interest. What this meant is you will share a space with other people (businesses). Like the private suite, your "office" comes complete with permanent workstations, phone line and internet connection, complete with the benefits of The Nomad Offices’ full range of amenities, services and support.
Same as the Private Suite, only sharing

This possibly work for those of you that do not want to commit to a own suite, but do not mind sharing the space with another person (or two). What The Nomad Office would do is to place you (floating) at these said rooms (locked and secured) and you can work right through there. There is less privacy in this setup but it might work for some that need human interaction while at work.
Potentially a "Shared" setup with a View. if you are lucky, the person could be a babe or hunk ;-)

What if you are a "travelling" sales person but always visit Mont Kiara and the vicinity for business? You really do not need a permanent (leased) space and you hate working from the open air cafe or being caught smelling like a fast food restaurant (as you use their wifi)?
Hot Desk as a possible option for people on the move at The Nomad Office @ Mont Kiara
There is the option for a Hot Desk where you can "plug and play". You now no longer need to "buy a coffee" just to sit down at the cafe to use their Wifi. Similarly, The Nomad Offices’ full range of amenities, services and support come standard.

Rental for this space is by hour, half-day or a full day. There is an option for "10-days pass" that you can utilise within a month. The key point here is "flexibility" and an assurance of a safe, clean and predictable (internet) services to do what you need to do. Hot Desk could just be the right option for you.
Hot Desk producing Hot products at The Nomad Office @ Mont Kiara
Apart from the three options above which basically places you at a place where  you can conduct your business in comfortable and clean location, Nomad Office has extended it to the Virtual Office where It will gives you a professional address, receptionists to answer all your phone calls, privileged rates on meeting room facilities and more benefits at The Nomad Offices, without the costs of a permanent office.
The Virtual Office offers a few plans that cater for all different level of "virtual" need. There are a few "plans" for the virtual office that ranges from "address renting" to full services without you being physically there at the office. Look at it as your personal assistant that will get your messages to you no matter what and keep your mails safe until you are done conquering the world complete your business meetings.
A small meeting room at The Nomad Office @ Mont Kiara
To complete the feel and look of a real office and to cater for all businesses, Nomad Office comes with a fully ready and functional Meeting and Conferences Room that fits four (4) to fifty (50 - location dependent). 
They have Video Conferencing Facility as well and this auger well for those that prefer a "face to face" meeting instead of just emails.
Business Lounge at The Nomad Office @ Mont Kiara
Depending on location, the Nomad Office has a Business Lounge for the not-so-serious discussions.
The newest location that the Nomad Offices has chosen to base their operation is at Solaris Mont Kiara. Located at the 7th Floor of Block L (next to Cold Storage), it offers all the above plus more.
Charging Stations for smartphones. Lockable
Storage space so you don't need to lug things around for meeting.
This is the fifth business centre in the Klang Valley, and the first to be located in a suburb. Not just any suburb but perhaps the trendiest in the Klang Valley, Solaris Mont Kiara. The Nomad Offices @ Mont Kiara is expected to attract professionals and Gen-Y entrepreneurs from Mont Kiara, Sri Hartamas, Dutamas, Damansara Perdana and other surrounding neighbourhoods.
Fully serviced pantry at your disposal
“Location is instrumental in the success of our business and The Nomad Offices @ Mont Kiara is in an exclusive location. Our offices are in prime locations, offering convenience from accessibility to amenities and prestigious business addresses,” says Ms Cheng Shea Li, General Manager of The Nomad Offices.

I for one would agree. I wrote this entire blog right at The Nomad Office @ Mont Kiara!
Hard at (Blogging) Work at The Nomad Office @ Mont Kiara
To find out more and  specific to The Nomad Offices @ Mont Kiara, please call 03 2775 2822 or go to Until August 31, 2013, there is special rates for rental of the office space. Call to find out more!
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