Thursday, July 25, 2013

Review : Bright Thing In Small Package - MicroFlare Duo

Previously I have reviewed and shared about the FibreFlare full length here in my blog and how it actually increased visibility for me when running/walking at night. Today, I am introducing the MicroFlare.
MicroFlare - Bottom two
Product name: Micro Flare Duo.
Available colours: COMBO (White duo and red single), Red, Yellow, Green and Blue.
Price: RM124 (Combo) and RM80 (Duo) each (RRP). 
Inclusive: 4 X CR2032 lithium coin cells and 2 silicone ladder slings.
1. Length: 142mm.
2. Power source: 4 X CR2032 coin cells.
3. Battery life: 55+ hours (strobe), 20+ hours (solid).
4. Visibility: 200 meter (omni-directional; all directions)
5. Fibre optic core: 10mm OD.
6. Mounting options:
a. Utility clips at both ends.
b. Silicone ladder slings (fastens to objects from 10mm – 60mm).
7. Housing covers: Water resistant and impact resistant.
8. Weight: Less than 100grams.
What Sets MicroFlare Different From Full Length FibreFlare?
This edition of FibreFlare is known as MicroFlare due to the size. For approximately half the length of the usual FibreFlare, this unit actually pack quite a punch. 
Combo on the bike. Photo from Fibre Flare Malaysia Facebook
Being lightweight and more versatile, it can be used perfectly for hard to mount places like under the bicycle seat or along the shorter length of the seat post. 
MicroFlare Combo - RM124/set
There is two variant (of sales) for the MicroFlare. The first one is the COMBO set where it comes with ONE MicroFlare single (Red) and ONE MicroFlare Duo (White). This Combo kit are meant for the budget conscious where you get to have TWO units for RM124 instead of RM80 for one. With a reduced function where the the Red Flare only has lights coming out from one side and the White Flare has lights coming out from both sides similar to the Full Length. However, the brightness of the Red Flare is not compromised due to the intensity of the LED.
The second variant is the MicroFlare Duo, where as explained above, has lights coming out from both ends and with two switches, similar to the Full Length FibreFlare.
MicroFlare Duo - RM80 each
To put things in visual, the photos below shows the close up of the MicroFlare activation (on/off/strobe) button.
MicroFlare Red. Single Activation button
Here is a video I took to show how both unit work and you will be able to see the differences between the Single Flare and the Duo Flare. The video-blog would be easier to understand than just mere writing and photos. 
I walk my dogs everyday. One of the main worry while walking late at night is staying visible. No doubt the dog's eyes is reflective but again, that is passive and only happen if the car/vehicle lights shines into the dog's eyes. I would prefer something more visible and this is where the MicroFlare meant for cycling and/or outdoor activities comes into play. I simply hook these MicroFlare onto my dog's collars using the Ladder Slings and they are good to go.

The Red Flare was bright despite having only one side LED. This could be the light attributes and wavelength. As you can see from the two photos above, the Red Flare were bright even in early evening.
MicroFlare Duo White on a white dog
The Combo (And the Dogs)
This is a short video of the lights as the walk approaches the late evening/end of walk. 
If you do not have a dog/pet to walk and use the Microflare, you can like me, use it during a run. I strapped the MicroFlare Duo onto my Camelbak Octane 18X
Early morning 6am run. Staying Visible.
The MicroFlare were set to strobe mode and I am sure the blinking especially in the dark road of Bukit Tunku helped to ensure I stayed visible. The battery life was good. So far, I've been using it (loaned unit) and the intensity is still good.
Doesn't bounce. Secured using the clip only.
MicroFlare after the run. You can see the White Flare intensity is fiery. The Red appeared to be dimmed out due to camera not sync-ed with the blinking.
Wait up for more of the FibreFlare range of products review. If you are interested, please drop me an email at and I will assist you in getting one.
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    1. We all want one. If you want, email me, i get the seller to kaw tim

  2. Hi

    These lighting equipment looks fine products. The Micro-flare seems quite rigid and seems not able to wrap around my arms/legs. I also concern its weight whether it will bounce up/down during running if I have to attach it on my clothing. I don't carry hydration pack. I often do running at early morning around 5:30am from my house to e-Curve and safety is my concern.

    1. Wai Leng - legit points you pointed out. Yes you are right, it won't wrap around your feet/leg/Arms. The weight is light actually Your running pouch might weigh heavier.

      I've tried running with the microflare clipped to my shorts. No issue. I am yet to try to clip to the back of my T-shirt collar. :)

  3. bro, i cant email to you. does the item still available?