Friday, July 05, 2013

KL Marathon Fellowship Run 2013

The postponement of the Standard Chartered KL Marathon due to the recent haze was much regretted by the organiser. When it comes to safety and with SCKLM being the largest sporting event (running) in Malaysia, there is very little chance to take risk should the Haze suddenly return and cloud (no pun intended) the race day. Even after a week of the haze clearing up (Thursday June 27, 2013), it has made a come back since July 3, 2013. The photo below was taken at 8am of July 3 and at 9.30am of July 4, 2013 respectively.
July 3, 2013
July 4, 2013. Bukit Besi missing in the back ground
 This is how Klang Valley looked like on a haze free day, taken about 4 weeks ago.
June 7, 2013
So, if you ask me again if the decision to postpone the race by SCKLM organiser and sponsors was a good one, I would tell you it is the best decision ever taken in view of the health and implication it may bring should the race went on.
This is not about the race
The moniker "KL Marathon Fellowship Run 2013" were coined by Yum Kin Kok in his Facebook Status after the run that was organised by Terence Poon Running Club (TPRC) as a small gesture to the friends that came all the way (overseas) for this run.
The SCKLM Race director made an appearance together with a few volunteers dishing out water and isotonic at KM5 of the run. Such gesture are highly commendable.
SCKLM Race Director Rainer with Kelvin
This is as good as race day!
I've reviewed Honda Freed before. Versatile MPV!
The run was the usual LSD route that are taken by runners. Usually we start from Bukit Aman. In the spirit of the (postponed) race, we started off from Dataran Merdeka at 6am in the morning.
One would be thought if the race actually happened!
From my estimates, there is no less than 100 people that attended. My camera was not wide enough to capture the whole width of group photo and it has to be taken at three shots. This is not counting some other groups behind the original crowd and those that joined much later (started late)

The U-turn point was at Hartamas Petronas and that station might had seen the highest sale in recent month with most runners entering the stations to buy refreshment.

The run ended at Padang Merbuk with the Pacesetter groups playing host. Water were boiled and tea/breakfast were served. It is truly an unplanned effort by various party and the effort were very commendable. 
As for myself, it was a good LSD training for me to run this route again. It been a while and running in a large group is surely fun. I ran with a few different individual and interacted. It was a good outing.
For this early morning run, I brought along the MicroFlare which I attached to my Camelbak Octane18X. Maximum visibility for people running. Wait up for the review of the FibreFlare range of product soon. 

For more photos taken during this run, click here. This is from my camera only. I ran out of battery half way and apologies for missing out the second half photos of the run.
PD Triathlon
If any of you will be at Port Dickson this weekend for PD Triathlon, See you all there!


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