Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Part 2 Port Dickson International Triathlon Race Report 2013

Continuation from Part 1 of PDIT Race Report
The biking section of PD has always been flat. It is known as "pancake" flat among the many triathlete and those undulating hills are evened out with fast downhill that you can speed down in excess of 50km/h. Whatever time lost on the small climbs will be gained back on the downhill. Surprisingly, PD is also one of the legal drafting race. I've seen crashes every year due to this as many that draft do not know how to do it correctly, or lack the courtesy to do it correctly.
I have always believed triathlon to be a #foreveralone sports and I've always make mental note to not draft.
Pressing the Garmin 910XT to end T1
It was a while since I rode on the Orbea Ordu. With changes to my work-life, it became a bit of a challenge to find the balance again. Not helping with me concentrating on run mostly to work on the most basic of all fitness. The bike section was drama-less except for the usual cyclists that drafts behind you and then pull away as another faster cyclist passed by. I noticed that some were zig-zagging in and out of the peloton and I was told later that a crash happened with one participant writing off his Carbon TT bike.
45km Of Fun Coming up!
My personal best for the 40km distance was about 1:05 and with extra 5km to cycle (which by the way, I only found out when at KM20, there were no U-turn), I was smiling as it doesn't always happen that Mr. Chan gives you "extra distance". By the time I arrived at the U-turn, a huge crowd were already there making their turn carefully. The water station had a tough time handing out the water as the cyclists and I could hear shout for water. As I cleared the water station, one participant passed me on the left suddenly and it was rather rude and uncalled for. No sorry were said and I was just glad I wasn't clipped at the handlebar.
Coming Home to T2! Thanks Michele!
The return journey was drama-less apart from more pelotons passing at past 40km/h (I was going about 33-35km/h). As I merged with the main road, the last 5km back to Transition is always the toughest with open road and strong headwind. Tip for triathlete if you are looking to conserve energy is not to fight the wind. Shift to lighter gear and cranks it at higher RPM. YOu save more energy and move faster - as I overtook more cyclists by just spinning. 44km Done in 1:19. Pretty predictable time with average of about 33km/h which is, well, pretty average. 
T2 + Run!
A note to all beginner triathlete, you MUST dismount when entering T2. I was told one tried to be funny and cycled in only to be stopped and perhaps DQ.
 Moving into T2, the challenge of doing a fast T2 starts. It did not take me more than 2mins to change into running gear and I was off! 
Parking (the bike), helmet off, clip off, GoBionicRide On.
Finish the last 400ml of HEED and Go!
Move number to the front (compulsory)
And quickly run out!
I splashed myself with two cups of ice cold water and took an ice to bite on the way out. I joined the runners and slowly moved into my tempo speed. I noticed many were already walking after exiting T2 and they must had pushed too hard on the bike - and forgot about economy and conserving for the last run league
Game On face. Thanks Velocipede for the photo
The running fitness I've been working on worked like a charm. No muscle lag and the legs felt strong. 1km into the run I bumped into Dave Spencer sitting in the wheel chair cheering everyone on. I pushed ahead and was hoping the run will happen all the way in the beach. 
Everyday we r shuffling  -thanks Nik!
I know the run will not be 10km (as every year) and I know I had to continue to push under the hot sun and ace this. I stopped at two subsequent water station and splashed four cups of iced water each to wake myself up and to keep cool. Pace were good and the feet work was superb. I enjoyed the run as much as I started overtaking everyone that had overtaken me in the bike. It is like holding an invisible hand counter and pressing it as you pass everyone. I bumped into my batchmate, Sean near the U-turn and it was the second time I bumped into him on the race - first was at the start. It was his first full Olympic distance and he did really well in the water. Being an ex-KL water polo and swimmer certainly had it's advantage. 
Caught up with Zairin and Sean (behind)
I was expecting the troops to be waiting for me to run to the finish together. There were about 50m to the line when I spotted them.
Hello! Hello! Taxi! Wait! Thanks Michele!
This time around, the kids can run as fast as I can lead them. It was a joy to be running with this two kiddos
Set...GO! Thanks Azrul!
At that point of time, the finishing time wasn't important. I knew I had a good run and at that point, all it matters is to run through the line with the kids.
This, is better than Podium. Thanks Nik!
I crossed the line in 2:51. My run was a decent 42mins - which was about the average time it takes me to run 8.5km on any normal day.
Finish photo with the family. The kids were happier with the 100Plus drinks
Enjoy some of the photos taken after the race by wifey. She is after all, my number 1 fan (and self-proclaimed president of the fan club).
Time for a warm down run Sean?
With Simon Cross. Congrats sir!
Sean with his troopers
One for the album!
With Jun Shen
Team 2ndSkin
With Fariz
The trooper considering some watermelon

It was a good outing and as usual, thank you Mr. Chan and family. I've grown to "go with your flow" when it comes to triathlon races. Most important is never to cheat yourself off the results and only do the best you can. 
With triathlon gaining popularity amongst Malaysians and neighbouring countries, remember that we are all racing for the camaraderie. What count is your own effort and honesty to the race as it reflects the respect you have for yourself and to the training you have put in. Embrace it, Improve it and Ace it. 

Till the next race. Keep moving forward!

Race Nutrition and Gears Note

  • I fuelled myself 100% on Hammer Nutrition products. 1 Hammer Bar for breakfast. Finished 4 serving of Hammer Gel at : before swim, after swim, KM22 Bike, Before run. 8 Endurolytes tabs : 4 an hour before race start, 4 after swim. 2 Endurolyte Fizz in my aero bottle with 1 serving of HEED sports drink. Ended the race nutrition with a Hammer Recovery Bar. 
  • The Skechers GoBionicRide were used without socks and was wet throughout the whole run as I splashed and wet myself with iced water. No issue with blisters, or with it running on beach and soft sand.
  • *Camelbak Podium Chill bottle used to keep my extra HEED cool under the sun at transition.
  • *The Garmin 910XT worked as expected. Signal lost in water was due to the watch in the water (treading water and slow breastroke to get out of the crowd). 

    * - denotes items previously bought before collaboration with the respective brand.


    1. Love the report but the awesomest part of this was looking at your finish photo with your kids. :-)

      Not that I'm downplaying your race tau!

    2. I'm getting those tri-high already. Anyway, Congrats sir! Hope that i can race with you in the future. :)

      1. Welcome to my world(?) haha. Careful, swim bike run is mightily addictive.

    3. 42 minutes for 10 clicks after swimming and biking..... *blinks* *tabiks* Respects!

      1. Nola. it's only 8.5km run. Uncle Chan gave discount.

    4. and i nak tambah 1 lagi.
      your Orbea Ordu.......*jaw-dropped**drool*
      definitely beat ibrahim's trek. :P

      1. It is NOT about the bike... :D

      2. ya, NOT about the bike but your Orbea Ordu looks macho enough to be noticed. :D

      3. LOL. Yes, I must admit it is a very sexy macho bike.

    5. The priceless moments to finish with the two little troopers tagged along towards the finishing line... The future junior triathletes in the making... =D

      Well done TriDaddy Ee-Van!

      1. :D I would had love to finish every race with them. ;-)

    6. One mat saleh even stopped behind you to allow you cross the finish line with your kids, especially since he noticed i was trying to take your picture from behind. What a true sportsmanship shown by him.

      Well done to you bro! Awesome timing.

      1. That Mat Salleh is Kapten Sean Mutalib, my batch mate at RMC.

    7. Nice report!!! saw you during the race. I will say hi to you next time.

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