Monday, July 01, 2013

SCKLM 2013 : Bumping Up Your Training For September 2013

As most of you already know, the race is now officially postponed to September 29, 2013. This gives everyone extra time and space to train. Yes, Puasa is coming and the religious obligation is more important. I was also told by a friend that "My Prophet fought a war while fasting". :). I subsequently do a check/research and yes, it is legit.

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Some of you might remember my sharing on "4-Months Plan To Run A Marathon". With the postponement, you have technically 12 weeks or 3-months to bump up the training. If you have slacked or been slacking in the past months running up to this race, it is time for redemption.
Start From Week 5 and above
I would assume you already have the very basic fitness having to know you did wanted to run the Marathon (42km) and were afraid of the non-existence or limited mileages that you did. So, you can essentially pick up from say, Week 5 and beyond. The mileage at those days are very workable and do-able.
The biggest challenge here is to find the opportunity to re-peak and then re-taper for the race in September, more so with the Muslim Fasting month of Ramadan looming within the next 10 days. If you are looking to make this fasting practice from a different approach nutrition and eating habit wise, you might be interested with the #HealthyPuasa posting here.
Incorporating exercise regime and fasting is possible. I often train on "empty" as a way to teach the body to utilise body fat as fuel. You can read it here and here.
Take the SCKLM 2013 postponement as an opportunity to bump up the training and perhaps, change the diet and lifestyle for the better. 
Drop me any questions and I will be more than happy to answer them to my knowledge and ability.


  1. Hi. Am beginner to running. Whats tempo and hit? Thanks a mill.

    1. Hi!

      Do click on the original post here to know how to Tempo and HIIT

  2. Just want to share some additional information: The Muslims didn't just fought war while fasting. There are 313 Muslims who joined the Badr war but they only brought 70 camels and 2 horses, so not everybody have the privilege of riding an animal (Or we can assume that 4 people share one animal). Badr is 130KM from Medina. They went to Badr, fought a war, then came back to Medina. 260KM. It's like doing Spartathlon while fasting.