Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Quick Interview by 2ndSkin Asia

As part of the team 2ndSkin made up from everyday people that does sports and enjoy doing sports, I was recently put on the plate for serving. Team Principal Eugene Teoh passed me a set of questions for me to answer for 2ndSkin to post up. 
While most of you would/could already know me from Jamie Pang's blog interview or perhaps chance upon some write up in FHM, or the family in Oriental Daily, even in The Edge where i spoke a bit about compression wear. Much of it were consistently about my life as a budding athlete/triathlete. I am of no differences from any of you, perhaps the only push that I can find in myself is really summed up in this recent cartoon drawn by another runner Ultrarunner The Oatmeal
I can relate to all of the strip, including the hornet part (in Kiara) and the sugar part (bonking)
I've made effort to introduce myself better (my personal life and working life), more people know me as Tri Stupe than my real name, Ee-Van. But that is alright, it is an Online Persona that i envisioned to "brand" myself. Perhaps, one day, it will be big (in a good way, of course).

I know some of you has read the above entry, but to close the loop (as I was told of the lower readership at the 2ndSkin Team blog), perhaps by publishing it here, it will draw some crowd to the team's blog. In the past, a few teammates has been interviewed,Annie, Roy and Yip has been covered. Here is my interview with the Team.

Team 2ndskin Athlete Profile – Lim Ee-Van (Tri Stupe)

Standing up to the plate, we have breadwinner, father, husband, blogger, and weekend monster athlete, Lim Ee-Van. Better known in the social media circles as Tri Stupe, he is a 3-time Ironman Finisher and multi-sport specialist. We get down and candid with him to see what he has to say.

1. How’s it going EV? You competed and completed the PD Triathlon last weekend. Guess it was a walk in the park for you? Give us the lowdown of how it went.
PD Triathlon or PDIT as it’s known is the “must do” for me. It is like a homecoming race. 

If you are seeking inspiration, please know that at this point of writing, I know of a group of Ironman (and women) heading to Switzerland for their race, A Malaysian named Ng Seow Kong is running Badwater UltraMarathon (135miles in 55deg C heat), another Malaysian, Razif is heading to Leadville 100 (Trail run 100miles) and another friend named Yusran competed in Ironman Europe championship.  

Many others that has lead people to achieve beyond their own personal capacities, the like of Jamie Pang, Terence Poon, Mohan Marathon, Richard Tang that has played pivotal role to lead and assist many others. 

Not forgetting corporate leaders that eat and live triathlons like the MAS CEO, AJ Yahya, the AAX CEO, Azran which were multiple Ironman finishers and Ironman-hopeful respectively. 

These are your everyday breadwinner in the family, that has dedicated their (part of) life to these passion and doing it very (and really) well. I am envious of their opportunities and achievements. 

Be the change you want. It starts with yourself. 

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