Sunday, June 20, 2010

Project 365 : Day 24 of 365

Day 24 of 365
School starts tomorrow and i recall to always be excited about it. Meeting friends again, terrorising the teachers, playing my role in school and learning new things (though it was in 1992 and 1993 that i felt reluctant to return back to school after the holiday). Ryan was having his final hour of holiday and i saw him taking out this toy that was his 1st birthday present. It is still working and plays like a piano. Ryan has always shown musical inclination and also love to dance to tunes. It all looked and sounded a bit "Glee". It is evidence as he can change lyrics and sing to the same tune to whatever he fancies. He even break out in songs once in a while. What was extra though, was he actually took a singing book out, and stuck it right how you sees it on the photo. He then pretend to be a musical maestro and played - even bow once his "performance" was over. In life, learning is neverending. I am 34 this year and i feel i've not learnt everything in life yet. Everyday at work, i noticed that i have loads to learn - managing people and managing expectations. At home, i have to learn patiences and learn to understand my own wife more. Today is Father's Day. Though i do not celebrate it, but Wifey made it a point to make it special. I must learn, in many way, to be more giving. I sprained my shoulder (don't ask how) and was feeling really crappy and lethargic. I must learn, hard, not to be a victim of my own misery. Happy Father's Day to all of you.
Tools: iPhone 3Gs. ISO600. F2.8. F/11


  1. happy father's day to you. give yourself a good pat! same here, there's so much to learn if we imagine to be like 'an empty glass' and just listen to others.


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