Sunday, June 06, 2010


Today, at FIT Malaysia in Damansara Perdana i gave a talk on running to 13 people. I usually do not have issue talking in public or to unknown crowd; today, i was just glad i did not froze or start talking rubbish.

I prepared 25 slides and two videos. I shared my limited experiences and did my best to motivate the participants. I told them about what to wear, how to wear them and when to wear them. I introduced them to triathlete's best friend too - Vaseline.

The session was slotted for 90minutes, which i was afraid i will not be able to fullfil. I went on to take up to 150minutes. Plus. Plus. I suprised myself. Those that know me would think 150minutes might not be enough!

This seminar was the brainchild of DailyMuscle after i contributed in his blog on "How To Run Your First 10KM" - in two installments. DM felt that there is a need to educate and raise awareness and hence, one short email later, i agreed to do it and as they said, the rest is history.

It was very touching to see how everyone that came felt what i shared was useful and it wouldn't be possible if i do not have friends that inspired me such as Senn, Arif, Julie, AJ, Barath, CK, Bandit, Shazly, Kam, Yusran,    Jabir, Abu, Late Ngae, Tey, Tini (for her photos), my own dad and most of all, Wifey.

Yes, i mentioned all your names (and not limited to the list above) to be used as example on how i am inspired by you and pass the same mojo to the participants.

To a certain extend, i found myself helping to promote gears as general from Nike to as specialised as 2XU.

Later in the evening, DM sms-ed me and told me, that Freda Liu and her friend, were encouraged and inspired by the talk, they went on to get proper gears for them to conquer the 10km during SCKLM in three weeks' time.

I now know, how it is like to be out there and inspire people. It is just like a Runner's High. It's Addictive. And it is all for the betterment of the sports in our beloved country.

I love this.


  1. Stupe, don't know if I have mentioned this to you. But your 2008 IM Langkawi journey also inspired me to take progress my triathlon career into Ironman distance.

    Well done.

  2. It was a well worth 150 mins! Thank you for willing to take the extra time to share your experience. Looking forward to see you again in future races :)

  3. Kev - i did inspired you to do that? Wow! You are way ahead of me when it comes to finishing the race. I will stay behind where i feel more at home ;-) Thanks bro.

  4. Kak Lili - thank you very much. I shared what i know and i was more shy about taking up an extra hour from your Saturday. See you on the road, soon.

  5. Just call me Lili. I'm younger than you hehe ;)

  6. Lili - sorry!!!! My bad! Am not saying you are old, just that it's a normal mode for me to address anyone as kak. :)


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