Sunday, June 06, 2010

9.6km Run

This morning i did a 9.6km run from home to TTDI park+1round in the park. I pushed pretty hard on the first portion to target to reach the park within 30minutes (5km) and pretty impressed i did it with some juices to take an additional 1.2km around the Kiara Park.

I supposed the distance would had been 12km but who cares. The iPhone could had lost GPS reception when i ran under the trees along Burhanuddin Helmi, which was why it looked like i ran behind someone's house.

9.6km in 1:35 - that includes 15minutes of talking to Julie, Fadzil and seeing Ultramarathoner Nik rock Kiara.

I saw my friends from TwentyFirst Century Sports too - Nithi and his gangs were setting up route for a Bolathon/jogathon by HOPE. Well done guys! You guys never fail to deliver and you are the most consistent race organiser and on par with the like of Nomad Adventure and QuickRelease Malaysia!

Menu next week would be a 10km run with Wifey and two more HIIT. She won't like it if she read it here first...but as they say, surprise is fun.

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