Wednesday, June 02, 2010

5.5KM HIIT Morning Run

Managed to squeeze a good quality workout this morning at the field near home.

High Intensity Interval Training is essentially interval training that pushes the body to push to it's saturated limit and then allowed to recover before being pushed again.

Done systematically, HIIT can be a killer - You felt like dying initially, but once mastered, it adds killer speed to your run!

Wifey did not see this coming this morning. The first 1km of run was at a slow run pace where it suddenly took her by surprise when i picked up speed and cadence in my run. We were waltzing at 8km/h min/km pace when it suddenly bumped up to 7km/hmin/km pace.(edited thanks to Izso)

Sensing some reluctance of her to follow, i started to put on my drill sargeant hat - i put my marriage on the line!
Wifey got a bit upset but that is understandable. I have to word it carefully, but at the same time, i want her to know that i am pushing her, not scolding.

I saw tears welling up as the breathlessness and the pushing i did placed her at her physical edge.

And again, i've proved that the mind is a powerful tool - she managed to push the negativity away and managed to sprint home with me at my pace!

Either that or she needs to go to the toilet.

5.5km done in 35minutes at average of 6.5min/km pace. Not too shabby! Well done Wifey!


  1. I think there's an error.. you went at 8km/h and pushed it up to 7km/h? Uh...

  2. Izso - you are right. I meant to say 8min/km and 7min/km pace.


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