Monday, June 14, 2010

Project 365 : Day 18 of 365

Day 18 of 365
The pic tells it all. I am pissed. Today I had my limit pushed again by a certain someone and I just keep wondering how incompetent someone could be. Everyone is busy. Not just you. Everyone got deadline. Not just you. Everyone has deliverables. Not just you. But what sets you apart from the others are the fact that you are given more responsibilities and thus, having a higher expectation to deliver. It is expected that you will, and can deliver according to deadline and expected to be setting example to the others. Else, just bugger off. And to add to the angst, the office electricity had a trip – just like that, wiping away all work done by everyone else – right after this photo was taken.
Tools: Panasonic Lumix-FT2. ISO400. F3.3. 1/30. Loads of Negative Energy.


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