Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Project 365 : Day 34 of 365

Day 34 of 365
Fear Keep Us Alive
Three days to Eco-Xcapade. The very last time i did any adventure race was about three years back, which coincide with me picking up triathlon seriously. I've loved the outdoor and I've loved the feel of adrenalin rushing through the system. No matter how many times I've done these adventure races, the feeling is always the same - exhilaration and the need for more excitement. One constant that I've been constantly having is fear. I think by now, many know i have fear of height. I hate heights. But yet, my adventure races includes heights. Fear, keeps me alive. Let it keep you alive too. Tying back to our everyday life, remember to always remember your love ones when you are driving and when you are performing high risk task. What I've learnt at work is to always perform a self assessment where safety is concern, and what I've learnt from all my races is to respect fear.
Tools : D90+351.8. ISO2500. F1.8. 1/30. Be Afraid.


  1. After countless e-mails and unnecessary threatening, I finally got my refund back last Friday :)

  2. Unka - they see ghost already still not scared meh?