Sunday, June 13, 2010

Project 365 : Day 17 of 365

Day 17 of 365
Mind Your Language
We see bad English everyday in our live. Even in this posting, those anal enough will spot a few grammatical error or typos. While some are not done diliberately, such as the one in the photo, what puzzled me most is that some people gotten into trouble just because the other party do not understand what was written. A prominent lawyer two days ago was aquitted from a defamation case against a Sultan - all because the prosecuting offifer, which also happened to be our country Interpol representative, did not understand the English that was written and do not know what defamation meant. The lawyer went to comment that it wasn't his misconduct that gotten him into trouble, but it was the language. Opps, sorry for your unconviniences!
Tools : Beloved iPhone 3Gs. ISO160. F2.8. 1/17 Shaking Head.


  1. I don't suppose your blaringly obvious grammatical and spelling errors were intentional?

  2. Mine you meant? Well, it's pretty obvious they were intentional.



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