Friday, June 25, 2010

Project 365 : Day 29 of 365

Day 29 of 365
Woman On Top

Wifey's race number. With mine in the background, shadowing her. This Sunday is her race and I've committed that this year is the year where i will give her the support she needs to complete more runs. SCKLM 21km will be the first one, and will be her longest race to do. It will be followed by Siemens Run, Shape Run, Newton Run and capping it with Kinabalu Run Up The Sky. Some say i am being too optimistic. Some say i am being evil. I say this is the best time to spend time with her. Imagine, a full hour to six of hot sweaty activities - i don't think she will complain that the sessions will be that long.With that, i suggest that all couples out there to start running and exercising together. It is a great way to get healthy. Start small and build up slowly. Let her get on top for a change. You might learn a thing or two about perseverance too.
Tools : D40+351.8. ISO500. F1.8. 1/30

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