Thursday, June 17, 2010

Project 365 : Day 21 of 365

Day 21 of 365
Use Me
This shoe is 4 years old. Bought in Bali during my honeymoon for RM120. It is a Mizuno Wave Rider 10. Low profile and lightweight. Run sockless and blister-ess. This morning, i found the shoe's heel rubber gone. I seldom use this shoe as i have another 5 pairs to cycle through. Some items are not made to last forever. This is a perfect anology to tell me if i don't use my brain (like i don't use my shoes), they will fall off and rendered useless. So people, start using your brain. Don't let it sits there idling and turning into nothing but dead cells.
Tools : D40+351.8. ISO200. F1.8. 1/400. Thinking.


  1. OK bro, baik aku start pakai balik my st-racer brooks... Jarang pakai pasal ada tulis 998/1500. Edisi terhad :P

  2. Wear it and make it worth it, else, frame it up.


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