Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Project 365 : Day 26 of 365

Day 26 of 365
I Am Watching You
Noticed on my way back that a highway tropper stopped a truck because the rear brake light wasn't working. I played dumb and pretended to fiddle with my camera and took a few shots. We usually thinks that when the Police (in this case, Polis or PDRM) stops anyone, it is usually for coffee money, i.e. bribe. I observed and waited to see if there was anything suspicious but alas, after 5 minutes, the truck was given a ticket and there was no exchange of "cash for amenesty". While we all believe and think that these acts are rampant and happens everytime, i believe there are cases where these Men In White (or Blue) genuinely wants to serve the people and ensure community safety and compliance. So, give them a break. Say hi to them when you see them. They are human too. They have families too. Only big difference is that they have a gun and handcuff on their belt - something we only have if we buy the toys from the shops. Or, was it because they saw me, and they decided that the safest way is...well...not take any bribes...
Tools: Panasonic Lumix DMC-FT2. ISO80. F5.9. 1/125. "Ayam Telur"


  1. I seriously think so too!

  2. so bad. you just say give them a break, then you get all cynical again. if they really were going to take a bribe, and saw you, i think they'd probably let the guy go with a warning instead of a ticket, cos there'd be more work for them. i don't like dirty cops either, but at the same time, can understand these poor flers with families to feed and earning pathetic salaries. so...give them a break. end of the day, they didn't do anything wrong. a man is innocent until proven guilty.

  3. Wisely said too AuntyG. The comments were tongue in cheek la. I saw that no money was exchanged and things were clean.


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