Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Morning HIIT With Wifey

Short 5.3km run with wifey this morning. Did a 500m walk before launching into HIIT of moderate intensity. We did not run a single bit last week due to many reasons and this morning session was much needed.

Two more weeks to SCKLM and we signed up for 21km run. It will be wifey's first and i keep telling her that completing it, no matter what timing is more important that NOT doing it.

I can be a pain when it comes to training and my motivation can sometimes misconstrued as patronising. I guess that is why i am not a personal trainer.

Wifey's peeves is that her left feet keeps getting numb after 1km of running and i suspect it might be her feet with high arch (only on the left) and the shoe being a bit tight on the front that might had contributed to this. I am going to lace her left shoe differently and see if it helps. Else, it is time for a new pair then.

On the same note, Ironman 2011 Langkawi is not confirmed and not in the ironmanlive.com calendar. That effectively made Ironman races NOT do-able by many people as the cost involved to race out of Malaysia will be substantial.

My own dream/goal to do Ironman Western Australia (Busselton) end of 2011 has started and i have to diligently pledge to save up money of about RM900/month for the next 18months to make this happen. Some of my fellow tri-family already signed up for this year's Busselton and heavily training for it. I wish you all Luck!

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