Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sex And The City 2 : A Lesson In (Married) Life

Yesterday night, myself and wifey went for another movie premier. having friends in the correct places does help to see good movie and having a good seating arranged as well.

This is not a review about the movie, so, don't worry, no major spoiler ahead.

I can't believe i will say this but the movie line was actually not too bad. I've seen the series and watch the first one on DVD (pirated - i am coming clean), and while everything is just superficial and very not-down-to-Earth, i found good values and sharing that i could do, and use in my life.

SATC2 (short for Sex And The City 2), was all about commitments and how one would want to view life.

I believe there are many many scene in the movie that we all could relate to. From our gay friends' relationship (gay includes both male and female), growing up toddlers, insecurity about the nanny (seducing your husband), time out between couples and even menopause. I can't claim to be expert in any of the above and guys, believe me, this is the perfect movie for you to "fight for your TV rights" or "fight for reasons you just want to stay home".

The movie then took the viewer to Abu Dhabi - dubbed the "New Middle-East" in the movie. There, one of the girl met an old flame, one was worried sick about the bra-less nanny at home, one just want to get a job and the last one, looking for actions. It is easy to tell who is who if you are a fan of SATC. Many things happened in that (i counted) three nights in Abu Dhabi that changed the women's life when they return to New York.

Similarly, i believe by watching with wifey, she perhaps understand why i just want to sit down and do nothing but read the paper (then, I've since stopped buying paper due to the biased reporting), check Facebook (this is life a necessity in life now), see Channel 551 (no matter if the same Mythbuster episode is shown the third time within the past 1 month) or sometimes, just laze at home.

Wifey's reaction to the movie was that she could relate to how the mother in the movie struggles with growing up kids without help (read: nanny) and the screaming, crying and demanding "terrible two" that rules our life and demanded our attention.

I felt the movie shows just how materialistic some people can be (in real life) and just how much material makes them happy.

When love and hates collide (sometimes with sprinkling of shoes, dresses and undergarments), i guess it is really up to us and our spouse to talk it out, and make things happen.

Cest la vie.

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