Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Project 365 : Day 27 of 365

Day 27 of 365
Unlucky morning. I had my aircon condensor punctured by one of the bracket at the front of the car. Apparently, someone driving a big 4WD (4x4 Vehicle) must had reversed into my car about 2 months back. I first noticed the damage to the plastic grill when i came back from Hong Kong. Little did i know the damage wasn't just on the grill. I refilled the air-cond gas about three weeks ago and i thought of nothing, or how the gas might had leaked. This damage cost me RM700. Despite all this, i felt grateful actually. I am grateful i have the RM700 to spare to fix the car. I am glad my car has A/C to start with. I am glad the A/C works like a charm under the 40degree C heat of the afternoon. I am glad i have a car. In life, many things can happen unexpectedly, and most important aspect of it all is that we must all be prepared. Like a friend always says, when life throw you a lemon, make lemonade. I don't know about you, i added ice to it too.
Tools: iPhone 3Gs. ISO640. F2.8. 1/10.

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