Sunday, June 06, 2010

Sony NEX Launched!

I just went over and found out that Sony launched a new prosumer camera that delivers dSLR type quality.

The market for compact camera that is better than the usual point and shoot and a more mobile than a bulky dSLR is catching up. Infact, i felt that photography is the new handphone - everyone wants one and it is so usual to see people hanging it on their neck, even on a day out in the mall!

I am putting this post up so that Josh Lim will allow me to review a Sony NEX

It would be great if i could use it apart from my arsenals of cameras and camera phone to document my Project 365. It will be interesting to be able to compare useabilities and image quality with the D40, D90, Lumix, 770i and the iPhone i have with this NEX.

Infact, the camera already looked good on photo. The image below is taken from

So, JOSH, Please put me in the review list! Thanks in Advance!

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