Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Project 365 : Day 13 of 365

Day 13 of 365

I Will Follow You
I caught Nadia imitating how Ryan was sitting one day. The 2 years (or rather 18months) gap between the two of them are just nice for them to learn from each other. At this point of time, Ryan is super protective of Nadia and Nadia gets away with pulling funny stunts (read: involving physical pain) on Ryan. As they said, monkey sees, monkey do. Relating this to life, i see this as us having a mentor or a role model in life. We will not live long enough to learn all mistakes ourselves and the best way to progress is to learn from others - be they younger, or older. It will be such joy to see my two kids growing up - and perhaps, i can learn a thing or two from them too.
Tools: D90+501.8. ISO900. F1.8. 1/30


  1. Can't wait to catch it on the big screen. Ah...the 80's. Airwolf, Automan, Knight Rider, He-Man, Centurions..and the list goes on and on ;)

  2. Barath - :D Kluang got or not?

    Fizi - :D Smae Same!

    Unka - She-ra?


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