Thursday, July 01, 2010

Project 365 : Day 35 of 365

Day 35 of 365
Having a small fascination of the Pudu Jail that is being torn down. This was taken via one of the many small windows at the thick metal door around the perimeter of the Jail. I can't help wonder what is inside; and yet, when i took this photo, i was pretty apprehensive and "reluctant". I felt as if a force is trying to stop me from telling this tale. I could even feel someone staring at me as i snapped the photo, which explained why it was not straight and aligned. Whatever it is, i have deep respect for Pudu Jail and it's inmates. With 160 years of history, even these lock, presumely only two decade old (the brass lock), tells many stories that no one knows. And just like the today's sharing, whatever that has transpired inside Pudu Jail, will be locked and not many would be able to tell the tales, let alone share them.
Tools: Panasonic Lumix-FT2. ISO100. F3.3. 1/60

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