Friday, July 30, 2010

Project 365 : Day 63 of 365

Clear Blue Sky
I took this photo when i was in Klebang today. Plane such as these (it's a 737 with the twin engine visible at 100% crop) flies out from Sepang, which is about 70km away. The clear blue skies was too tempting not to shoot and the plane lends a bit of life into the photo. I used a CPL filter to cut out the glare and i must say it enhanced the blue in the sky without any touch up. This pic is 100% untouched-up. Just like life. Many things are always better kept simple and untouched, in many instances!
Tools: D90+351.855-200VR. ISO400. F5.6. 1/800


  1. What lenses do you have for your D90?

  2. This one was taken using the 55-200VR. Silap. Sorry!