Monday, July 19, 2010

Project 365 : Day 53 of 365

Time. Most people do not give it due respect. Myself are guilty of it. We take it for granted. We assume others will respect them and we ourselves do not appreciate the seconds as it ticks by. Many instances we want other to respect the time but ending up forsaking the timing. Today, i had the unfortunate experience of going through waiting for 90minutes. There were not even an apology and I am to assume that I am to understood why the appointment were "late". Should the table turned the other way, all hell will break loose and rest assured i will lose my job.
Tools: Panasonic Lumix DMC-FT2. ISO400. F3.3. 1/30


  1. Dear Stupe,
    What I've seen since our 'budak boy' days, was that we take time to be sacred to our heart.

    Our instructors would remind us , before we proceeded on whatever missions to 'syncronise your watch..' so that we meet later at a specific time or we are not too late that we let our comrades be open to danger etc.

    We were also reminded in peace time to be '30mins early than 3mins late'. Budak boys generally are not known to be late.

    I understand your frustrations when dealing with others. It happened to me also.

  2. OP Hank - i always try to be early no matter what. It is also a safety measure. If we try to reach "on time", we tend to rush if we think we are going to be late. But if we reach "early by 30minutes", can still do many things while waiting, and most of the time, the other party will know you respect their timing too.

  3. That's a damn nice watch

  4. Just a seiko automatic. I bought it all for RM150 4 years ago to commemorate Ryan's birth.