Sunday, July 11, 2010

Project 365 : Day 45 of 365

I was buying bread at this shop when i noticed a person whom i think is a security guard standing there looking pretty long at the assortment of bread for sale. I could almost hear him counting the buns inside the pack and checking the price. Must be a hard day at work trying to ensure he has money for food. As i lined up to pay, the man was on the other counter and without hesitation, he asked for a pack of 20 sticks of cigarettes. No blinking. No doubt. Definitely NOT standing there for another 5 minutes to decide which pack is cheaper. As we both leave the shop, he went into his car, and passed the bread to his (i think) daughter, while he opened up the pack of ciggies, i assumed, to smoke. I got nothing against smoker (being someone that averaged 2 packs a day about 7 or 8 years ago) but in my blur head-achy condition with my face numb, i can't help it but to feel sad to see how a father (i assume) did not blink when he purchased a drug to satisfy his addiction while the younger kid has to be contended with a pack of bun that cost one-fifth of his 20 sticks.
Tools: iPhone 3Gs. Uncle above is not the person, he just so happen to be smoking with a lot of style.

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