Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Project 365 : Day 54 of 365

Question remained today, what time will be be able to go home? Must make effort to leave office on time, or early. I must try hard to obtain a work-life balance. At the moment, some of us are going on 150% in the office. And today, someone shattered the morale of one of my guy. Someone apparently complained to the HR/Management about some posting that was made in a popular social site and this poor chap got called up. C'mon. I don't think that was fair and i've checked and verified that none of his postings mentioned anything or said anything about disclosing anything we shouldn't. Infact, i am so careful about even mentioning names! So, really, we don't need more drama than this. Come to work, do your work. I don't expect you to be glued to your PC for 8hours/day and i don't expect you to spend more than an hour total updating your social status. And i certainly do not need anyone complaining to anyone about someone's personal space in the internet. We all work hard, so that we can exit the door above everyday, knowing we already done our best at work for the day.
Tool: Panasonic Lumix DMC-FT2. ISO400. F3.3. 1/16


  1. I personally would tick off anyone under my supervision for working late. If they are working late they are either :

    1. Slacking off during office hours.
    2. Overloaded with work.
    3. Have poor time management skills.

    But since I'm the one giving the work, #2 does not apply. The other 2 are fixable.

    Work smart, not hard! LOL

  2. Iszo - then i am in big trouble as i am usually the second last, if not the last to leave every night!